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Meet the Editors

We are Andrea and Randy and we want to welcome you to our website!

We’re a fun-loving, travel-obsessed married couple. Although we both grew up in Georgia, our adventurous tastes have led us to New York City, where we currently live, work, and play.

You can often find us taking long walks on crowded avenues, feeding our incessant craving for Mexican food, and feverishly typing on our laptops at internet cafes as we express our experiences in words and pictures.

Travel Advice from Experienced Travelers

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Travel is our passion. Together we've been to 31 countries on six continents and have had many wonderful and unique experiences.

But we've never done it completely on our own...We owe the success of our trips to the help of excellent guidebooks, genuine advice from locals, and, perhaps most of all, to our fellow travelers.

Our hope is that we can be the "locals" and "fellow travelers" that help make your New York City experience great.
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What We Love About NYC

New York City offers an endless supply of new experiences, allowing us to be tourists within our own city.

Our spare time is spent researching and experimenting with the many options that the city has to offer.

While sharing our discoveries on this website, we strive to provide insider knowledge that helps you be an informed traveler and plan your perfect trip.

We Love Hearing from Our Visitors!

Have questions, tips, or just want to say hello? Feel free to contact us by clicking here or email us at owner@essential-new-york-city-guide.com.

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More About Us

Andrea Planning

Andrea, Editor

Andrea is a small business owner and a furious writer of website content on the side. She has a BS from Georgia Tech in Civil Engineering.

Andrea has always had a thing for planning trips - for herself or others. She has a shelf full of travel guides, which she loves to read for fun. Ask for any advice on a country she's been to and you're in for an earful!

Andrea’s favorite thing to do in New York City is walk across the Brooklyn Bridge, admiring the beautiful views and splendid bridge structure.

Randy, Photography Editor and Technical Troubleshooter Randy taking pictures

Flying into New York? Randy might be talking to your plane! When he’s not taking pictures, Randy directs the airplanes over NYC as an air traffic controller. He has a BS from Georgia Tech in Aerospace Engineering.

Randy is the official idea man for the website (in fact, the site itself was his idea) and a certified problem solver specializing in cameras and computers. He brings to this job his saint-like patience and extreme attention to detail.

Randy’s favorite New York City activity is walking around Central Park and enjoying nature, camera in hand of course!

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