Autumn in New York City

Autumn is a wonderful season in New York City. The weather is nice, the leaves change colors, and the parks are beautiful. It's a very enjoyable time to visit NYC.


The weather is usually mild and pleasant for walking around. Average high temperatures are 64° F (18° C) for October and 53° F (12° C) for November. It can get chilly, especially at night, so come prepared with sweaters and jackets.

Bow Bridge in Central Park
The Bow Bridge in Central Park

The leaves on the trees change color this time of year, dotting the city with yellows and reds. The peak of fall foliage, when the colors are the most brilliant, is in late October. Central Park has a high concentration of trees and is one of the best places in Manhattan for seeing fall foliage.

Autumn is Apple Season in New York

New York apples

Apples are a big crop for the state of New York. The Union Square Greenmarket is a fantastic place for finding locally grown apples. Regional farmers come to sell fresh produce and other goods at this outdoor market.

Many varieties of apples are available. Don’t forget about the apple cider - you can purchase it by the cup or the jug.

Essential New York City Guide Tip
Keep an eye out for the deliciously dense apple cider doughnuts! These moist cakey treats are an autumn tradition. They are sold at several different stands at the Union Square Greenmarket.

Apple Cider Doughnuts

The Union Square Greenmarket is located along the western side of Union Square Park. It is held on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays.

Cruise the New York Waterways

The weather is brisk, the leaves are changing, and a boat tour is great for taking in the majestic scenery north of New York City. Autumn is the perfect time for cruising the waterways around Manhattan and seeing some of the city's best sights. The weather is brisk, the leaves are changing, and a boat tour is great for taking in the majestic scenery of New York City.

Circle Line Cruise
View from the Circle Line Cruise Boat

Two of the Most Popular Cruise Options:

  • 1.5-Hr Circle Line Cruise
    Makes a semicircle around the lower part of Manhattan (Midtown and Downtown) and then returns along the same route.
  • 2.5-Hr Circle Line Cruise
    Circles the entire island of Manhattan. The route goes along the wooded parks of upper Manhattan and New Jersey, offering the best chance for viewing fall foliage.

Want more choices? See all boat tour options.

The Village Halloween Parade

Every year the Halloween Parade through Greenwich Village is quite a sight to behold. About 50,000 people participate in the parade (any person with a costume can march) and many more show up just to watch. It is the largest public Halloween event in the country.

New Yorkers showcase their creativity with elaborate costumes, puppets, and floats that take months to create. The whole thing is very spirited and wildly entertaining. Would you expect any less from a city full of artists and theatrical people?

The parade route is along Sixth Avenue from Spring Street to 16th Street. The parade begins at 7 pm on October 31st. It’s best to arrive by subway. The crowds are thick so if you want a good viewing spot, show up early.


Autumn in New York City is for Running…or Watching

The annual New York City Marathon occurs every autumn in New York City. This famous road race is a huge event for participants and spectators alike. The crowds are so large that it seems as if the whole city comes out to watch.

The event is full of contagious energy - bands along the course provide entertainment, uplifting crowds cheer on runners they don’t know, and witty handwritten signs abound.

The city really goes out of it’s way to make this event great. Who says New Yorkers aren’t hospitable?

Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade

The Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade is a popular annual event in NYC.

Macy's Balloons

Every Thanksgiving, giant balloons, floats, bands, dancers, and other performers parade from Central Park down to Herald Square, where the Macy's flagship department store is located.

The parade marks the beginning of the Christmas season in New York City.

The crowds are big and the weather can be chilly, but going to this famous parade is guaranteed to make your Thanksgiving memorable.

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