2009 Christmas Windows

Christmas windows are a traditional part of New York City during the holidays. Every year the famous department stores decorate their storefront windows with holiday themes and people come from far and wide to stand on the sidewalk and gaze at the dreamy scenes.

Lord & Taylor

Lord and Taylor Christmas Windows

Theme: What We Love About Christmas

The beautifully detailed and intricate displays at Lord & Taylor have Christmas scenes with tiny people that move inside their dainty surroundings. The quaint little settings are so heart-warming that you'll wish you could jump right into one. These windows will awe children and adults alike.

Store Location: Fifth Avenue and 39th Street

Visiting Tip: Combine your visit to the Lord & Taylor windows with a trip to the nearby Bryant Park Ice Skating Rink and Holiday Shops (Sixth Avenue and 40th Street).


Macys Christmas Windows

Theme: Dear Santa

Macy’s Christmas windows are a very close second to Lord & Taylor. This year’s display pays tribute to the classic tradition of sending a letter to Santa, portraying the route taken by letters that leave little children and end up in Santa’s capable hands. The scenes are cheery and animated.

The "Dear Santa" windows are located along Broadway while the windows on 34th Street have a more classic "Miracle on 34th Street" theme.

Store Location: Broadway and 34th Street

Saks Fifth Avenue

Saks Christmas Windows

Theme: Twinkle, Twinkle Little Flake

Saks is right across from Rockefeller Center, making it a convenient stop for those who are already in the area. The location also makes the sidewalks in front of these windows very crowded. This year’s theme goes along with a children’s book of the same title. The windows feature scenes from the book with large colorful figures that appeal to kids. There is a narrative to go along, but nobody seems to pay much attention to it.

Store Location: Fifth Avenue and 49th Street (across from the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree)


Bloomingdales Christmas Windows

Theme: unclear

These windows feature an odd assortment of scenes that are loud and colorful, if disjointed. The windows include a “Dynamic Duos” display featuring Barack and Michelle Obama alongside Santa and Mrs. Clause and Batman and Robin and a strange gigantic white snowman/Santa figure. The most redeeming quality is that Bloomindale's has the best and loudest Christmas music of any of the displays.

Store Location: Lexington Avenue and 59th Street

Bergdorf Goodman

Bergdorf Goodman Christmas Windows

Theme: A Compendium of Curiosities

The Berdorf Goodman windows don't impress for their holiday feel but they do have a lot of originality. The displays are interesting and elaborate and the most contemporary of all the designs. There is virtually no empty space as the display takes up the entire window.

Store Location: Fifth Avenue and 57th Street


Barneys Christmas Windows

Theme: Have a Witty Holiday

This one left us scratching our heads. It’s tough to see the correlation with the holidays with these windows. The displays are a tribute to 35 years of Saturday Night Live with big-headed figures that are fun to look at but don’t do much to ring in the season. Maybe we just don’t get it.

Store Location: 660 Madison Avenue and 61st Street

New York Christmas Windows Map

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1Barney's - Madison Avenue and 61st Street
1Bergdorf Goodman - Fifth Avenue and 57th Street
1Bloomingdale's - Lexington Avenue and 59th Street
1Saks Fifth Avenue - Fifth Avenue and 49th Street
1Lord & Taylor - Fifth Avenue and 39th Street
1Macy's - Broadway and 34th Street

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