Fairway Market

Fairway Market is a specialty grocery store chain with an impressive assortment of both local and international foods. The selection of items is really quite outstanding.

Fairway Market

The true appeal of the store is that you can find almost anything you want. If you can battle the crowds, you will be rewarded with delicious and unique food items that can’t be found in many other places.

Selection Heaven

Fairway Market is all about variety.

If you think items like granola and couscous come in only a few types, then you are in for a pleasant surprise! Perhaps you will find yourself in the mood for pumpkin spice granola or Israeli tri-color couscous.

Fairway also serves as a general supermarket. So you can still pick up the basics like milk and cereal in addition to the specialty items. The enormous produce selection is superior to most grocery stores, and the brilliantly colored fresh-cut fruits make indulgence so easy.

The vast selection and the crowds might be overwhelming, but the colorful signs and attractive displays should help.

Who Wants Guava Strips?

Find your specialty items here!

Fairway's dried fruit and nut selection is definitely remarkable. In fact, they claim that it is the best in all of New York City.

Fairway Market Fruit and NutsFairway Market trail mix

Banana chips and dried pineapple are just the beginning for this store. If you need a good trail mix to fuel your walks around New York City, this is certainly a place to find it.

Organic Foodies Delight

The large organic section has more than just food – it includes organic vitamins and beauty items too. The store also has a nice assortment of gluten-free and vegan foods.

5 Things to Do at Fairway Market

  1. Go to the dried fruit section and marvel over how many different fruits can actually be dried.
  2. Stand outside and watch the never-ending stream of dolly-pushing deliverymen and harried customers. Just be careful where you stand!
  3. Fight the crowds in the narrow aisles to look for interesting snacks and fresh foods.
  4. Check out the artisanal cheeses; Fairway boasts having an inventory of 650 different kinds of cheese.
  5. Take a trip upstairs to the café.

Essential Visiting Information

Location: The flagship store is located at Broadway and West 74th Street on the Upper West Side. For other locations, see the Fairway website.

Website: fairwaymarket.com

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