Our Wedding in New York City

by Sophie

Last August was our first trip to New York. We chose it as our wedding venue as we'd both always wanted to travel there. Most of it was booked in advance on the internet - we found a marriage officiant, applied for our marriage license, and found a photographer who turned out to be one of the highlights of our trip.

We arrived on a Sunday and I have to say we did get ripped off with the transfer to our hotel. I wish we'd used the subway as it would have been so easy and MUCH cheaper. But not having been in New York before, we were wary of using the subway - don't be, once we got the hang of it, it was easy.

On Monday we went to City Hall to get our marriage license and had to wait 24 hours before we got married, which we had arranged for 2pm on Tuesday.

I made an appointment for my hair on the Tuesday morning, a bit of a risk but it turned out beautifully. I took my full length wedding dress with me, and the flowers were from a stall across the road from the hotel, 6 red roses for $5!

So just before 2 we arrived at Top Cot in Central Park. It was a wooden gazebo on a small hill, very peaceful and romantic. Beth, our officiant, was waiting for us with Marc our photographer. The ceremony was quite short; we wrote it ourselves and emailed it to Beth beforehand. Marc snapped away getting pictures from all angles.

Once all was signed we then embarked on a 3 hour walking tour lead by Marc (PhotoTrek tours), who photographed us in many great places including Central Park, Broadway, Grand Central Station, Times Square, Brooklyn Bridge, and Greenwich Village. He gave us lots of tips on visiting the city, including how to use the subway. I have a great picture of us on the subway, me in my wedding dress & Allan in his kilt.

The tour ended at the pier in time for our Bateaux Hudson River Cruise, which we'd thoroughly recommend. It was a 3 hour champagne dinner along the river, overlooking Manhattan and all its sites. We even sailed past the Statue of Liberty. It was quite expensive, but worth every penny.

Instead of going back to our hotel, exhausted though we were, we decided a trip up the Empire State Building was in order. So off we went, still in our wedding gear. We were treated brilliantly by the staff, who gave us fast passes and let us jump all the queues! The view from the top was just stunning, and it was a wonderful way to finish the day. By this time we were so tired, we returned to our hotel.

The rest of the week was our Honeymoon, and we spent time wandering through Greenwich Village and Central Park, going to Rockefeller Center, shopping, visiting jazz bars (Loved Cleopatra's Needle), an art museum and Ground Zero. The New York City Fire Museum in SoHo had some very moving tributes to 9/11, more so than the official 9/11 exhibition we thought.

We ate out on the first night but found it quite expensive, so we ate very well in small cafes and delis for the rest of the trip. We didn't drink much as we found it quite expensive, although happy hour at Cleopatra's Needle was worth it.

Even if you're not visiting to get married, I would still thoroughly recommend PhotoTrek Tours, early on in your stay. You'll see parts of Manhattan you would never see other wise and get some great travellers advice.

New York is an amazing city, I'm so glad we chose it.

Obviously the highlight of our trip was getting married, but we had an amazing holiday with it and have a wedding album like no other!

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