Shopping in New York City

Shopping in New York City is fun and glamorous. The city is a shopper's paradise, with every type of store you can imagine - upscale department stores, chain stores, small boutiques, and many specialty shops.

Many people flock to New York as much for the shopping as for anything else. Whether you're into clothes, jewelry, books, or even food, there are tons of options for great shopping in New York City.

Clothing and Accessories

NYC is the fashion center of the United States and is at the forefront of setting trends in the fashion industry.

Midtown Manhattan is a mecca for fashionistas. Fifth Avenue and Madison Avenue are the well-known shopping corridors.

Shopping in New York City

These two avenues in Midtown are packed with popular department stores and designer shops. Many visitors who come for the shopping in New York City focus on this area. Find the high-end designers like Versace and Prada as well as your everyday Gap and H&M.

Rockefeller Center, located just off of Fifth Avenue, has over 100 stores and offers great options for shopping in New York City.

Some stores are right off the street, and others are located at the underground concourse. The concourse is especially useful if the weather turns ugly during your shopping trip.

The variety of shops at Rockefeller Center should go a long way toward serving your needs: clothing, shoes, stationary, specialty chocolates, jewelry, and more.

Shopping in New York City Department Stores

New York City has classic department stores that sell a wide variety of items ranging from clothes to blenders. For a high-end experience check out Barney's or Bergdorf Goodman and for more reasonable prices stick to Macy's.

NYC Department Stores and Locations:

  • Bloomingdale’s (Lexington Ave. and 59th St.)
  • Lord & Taylor (Fifth Ave. and 39th St.)
  • Saks Fifth Avenue (Fifth Ave. and 49th St.)
  • Bergdorf Goodman (Fifth Ave. and 57th St.)
  • Barney’s New York (Madison Ave. and 61 St.)
  • Macy’s at Herald Square (Broadway and 34th St.)

For more shopping ideas, read how this couple likes to spend a day in New York shopping.

Visiting NYC for the Holidays?

Don't miss the famous department store Christmas Windows!

For your holiday shopping needs, check out the city's holiday markets.

Fashion on a Budget...Be Thrifty!

For items that are a little less new, New York City Flea Markets are treasure troves of goodies that can keep you digging for hours. Find vintage clothing, jewelry, purses, and a million other things.

Just because you're in New York City doesn’t mean you have to pay high prices for great fashion. Housing Works Thrift Shop has men’s and women’s designer brand clothing, furniture, housing goods, and books.

Housing Works Thrift Shop

Like most thrift shops, it takes a little effort to sift through the racks, but the prices make it worth the trouble.

One more reason to shop here: Your purchase will go toward a good cause. The Housing Works Thrift Shops are social enterprise businesses that provide housing, drug treatment, and other services to homeless and low income New Yorkers with HIV and AIDS.

Location: There are nine thrift shop locations. Find out where they are at


FAO Schwartz NYC

Are you shopping in New York City with kids or for kids?

The magic of FAO Schwartz has been enchanting children for many generations. As the oldest toy store in the country, it is the destination for buying toys.

FAO Schwartz is toy heaven. It has everything a child’s heart could desire – loads of stuffed animals (some of which are large and rather lifelike), Barbie dolls and their accessories, action figures, scooters, and even a candy store. Adults may find themselves getting swept away by the wonderment of it all too!

Unique experiences include visiting the Middleton Doll Newborn Nursery, where the nurse can help your child find the perfect baby doll, or designing a muppet at the Muppet Whatnot Workshop.

Location: Fifth Ave. and 58th St.


Strand Bookstore

Strand Book Store is a dream come true for book lovers. It not only has an impressive selection of new, used, and even rare books, but the prices are great too. Even the new books are at discount prices. And the dollar racks outside are hard to resist.

Enjoy wandering the multiple floors of the store, each of which has shelves that are jam-packed with books. This place has so much more personality than your average chain bookstore.

It’s hard to leave here without a book!

Location: Broadway and 12th St., just south of Union Square


FAO Schwartz NYC

There’s more to shopping in New York City than just clothes and handbags.

The city also boasts fine markets with fresh foods and unique specialty items.

Pick up a snack or a meal-to-go, or just go to check out the interesting selection. It might be a welcomed break from constantly eating in restaurants.

For a diverse selection of markets, from open air markets selling local goods to specialty stores with imported cheeses, read more about
New York City Markets.


Camera stores are scattered all around Manhattan. Many stores are a dime a dozen, have horrible service, and gray market cameras. There are a few we highly recommend.

If you're shopping in New York City for a big purchase, we recommend Adorama (located at 18th St. between Fifth and Sixth Avenues.). Their prices are competitive and their customer service is excellent, possibly the best in the city.

Further north, in Midtown, is B&H Photography, the camera and camera equipment superstore (at Ninth Avenue and 34th Street). This mammoth store is a marvel to behold. The store has an elaborate system of product elevators, conveyor belts, and rolling tracks that send even the smallest item down a product line that wraps throughout the store and waits for you at the checkout. If you are in need of any camera accessory, and we do mean any, B&H is your store. They are also worth checking out for prices on their new and used cameras.

Both B&H and Adorama are reputable and high quality camera stores that are worth going out of the way for if you are in the market for more than a memory card.

Where is you favorite place to shop in New York City?

What did we leave out? Do you have a favorite NYC shopping location or a great tip? Share it and we'll post it here!

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