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Spiderman the Musical

Spiderman: Turn Off the Dark
By Andrea

My husband and I chose to see Spiderman for an anniversary date. We were were curious to see what had become of this Broadway show that received so much media attention over its controversial beginnings.

Spiderman made the news long before it ever opened. The show was plagued by injuries, technical difficulties, delays in opening, and a firing of the director. Media reports of such shaky beginnings had everyone thinking the musical was hanging by a single skinny strand of spider web.

So now that the dust has settled and the show has been on for a while, how is the most expensive musical in Broadway's history?

Spiderman the Musical

The performance follows the familiar comic book story of Peter Parker, the nerdy high school outcast. He falls for popular classmate Mary Jane, discovers he has amazing powers after being bitten by a spider, and then works long nights saving New York City from evil.

The sets of Spiderman the Musical have a neat two-dimensional look, which is a nice parallel to Spiderman's comic book roots and an intriguing visual aspect of the show as well.

Despite music by Bono and The Edge, the songs did not blow me away. The singing was pleasant enough but little if anything would land in the "out-of-this-world" category in my opinion. I did find the dancing and choreography to be lively and entertaining.

There's no doubt about it. Spiderman has some cool effects and has ventured - at a very high financial risk - where no Broadway show has gone before. If you want to make your 10 year old's day, this show is it. With villains, action, and high-flying acrobatics, how could a kid not love Spiderman the Musical?

I've never seen a Broadway show with such aerial moves, and I'm pretty sure none exists. It's hard not to be impressed by the numerous masked stuntmen flying through the air above you, somehow not getting entangled in each other's lines.

The unique and creative artistic effects are quite remarkable and, in my opinion, make up for any shortcomings on the musical front.

Bottom Line: Sensational high-flying acrobatics, great for kids, cool choreography and set design

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