Buy Discount Broadway Tickets
at a TKTS Booth

You don’t have to pay full price to see Broadway! The TKTS booths are a great way to save big on Broadway Tickets.

If you can stand to wait until the last minute to buy tickets and you’re not dead-set on one particular show, buying tickets at one of the three TKTS locations can save you a lot of money. Discounts range from 25% to 50% off each ticket.

This is a great deal for tourists who are flexible on which show they see and don’t mind standing in line for 1 to 2 hours.

TKTS Times Square

Theatre-goers line up outside the TKTS booth at Times Square.

How It Works

To purchase reduced price tickets, visit one of the three TKTS locations:

  1. Times Square (at Broadway and 47th Street)
  2. South Street Seaport (in Lower Manhattan)
  3. Downtown Brooklyn

Look for the red and white TKTS logo. There may be a long line (especially at the Times Square location). Look at the digital board to see what shows are available and the discount offered.

You have to purchase tickets at the TKTS booth either the day of the show (for an evening show) or the day before the show (for a matinee – South Street Seaport and Brooklyn locations only). They are basically selling whatever seats are still available at a reduced price.

You can’t buy tickets for just any show at TKTS. The booths generally sell tickets to slightly older shows that aren’t selling out anymore.

Is It Right For You?

Buying tickets at TKTS is not ideal for every tourist. It is more time and hassle than ordering off the internet beforehand. You may want to pay full price for your tickets ahead of time if:

  • There is one specific show you are set on seeing, especially if it is new.
  • Your schedule doesn’t allow for standing in line for a few hours.

Tips for TKTS

The line might be long and slow, but once you get to the ticket window, you will be expected to make a decision fast and get out of the way. To get the most out of the discount system, keep these tips in mind:

  • Pick your top 3-5 options and rank them. It is possible that the show you want could either sell out while you are waiting in line or your whole group won't be able to sit together.
  • Discuss with your group before you get to the ticket window whether or not you are willing to split up (possibly sitting in pairs) to see a show.
  • Be prepared when you get to the ticket window. You will be under pressure to make a speedy decision so have your first choice and back-ups in mind.

To find out more information on TKTS, including location and hours, visit the Theatre Development Fund's helpful website,

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