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Wicked: The Untold Story of the Witches of Oz
By Andrea

We had friends in town who really wanted to see Wicked so we splurged on full price tickets to go with them. They had time to see a single Broadway show and chose the one that everyone's been talking about.

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Wicked has all the elements of a quality show: exceptional music, high-energy dancing, interesting costumes and set design, and a good dose of humor.

Those who know the Wizard of Oz will surely be amused by this musical, which tells the tale of two young women who become the Good Witch of the North (Glinda) and the Wicked Witch of the West (Elphaba).

The musical, sort of a "behind the scenes of the Wizard of Oz," follows the two girls from their improbable friendship in college to the eventual fall of the Wicked Witch. The storyline and the interactions between characters are amusing and clever.

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There are many references to the Wizard of Oz that are quite funny. But it's a completely different story line, so don't expect to see Dorothy, Toto, or the Lollipop Guild! If you don't know anything about the Wizard of Oz (is there anyone out there?), these references will make little sense.

I'm a huge fan of the show's hit song "Defying Gravity." The Wicked cast did not disappoint in the dramatic final scene of the first act when Elphaba belts out the musical's signature tune with accompaniment from Glinda and the cast.

Another great aspect of this show is that it is family-friendly (believe me, not all Broadway shows are!). As far as Broadway goes, Wicked the Musical is very clean. No bad language, violence, or other racy material to be found. Wicked does a masterful job at being both appealing to and being appropriate for all age groups.

I thought the biggest drawback to Wicked was the size of the theatre. The Gershwin Theatre has the highest capacity of any Broadway Theatre (1,933 seats). This makes sense given Wicked's popularity but also makes it less intimate than other theaters. Because of the size, the seats in the back are pretty far from the stage. Also, the musical is still so popular that you can't find reduced price tickets at the tkts booth.

Bottom Line: Quality musical, family-friendly content, impressively talented main characters

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